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Typically, Guardian brand archetypes offer products that support families or serve public sectors such as healthcare and eucation. They aim to get people to take care of themselves. Almost all brands of baby care products are base on this archetype, which not coincidentally also functions under another name – Mother. The Ruler – because the Ruler’s main attributes are leadership and responsibility, brands operating on the basis of this archetype gain the trust and loyalty of consumers. Brands in the Ruler archetype are known to speak authoritatively.

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They also often spread the belief that they are leaders in their field. As responsible leaders, they also aim to help others succee. By bringing order to chaos, they use power to achieve positive results. However, they must be careful not to dominate phone number list others or become too hierarchical. Community Blog Brand archetypes in the Affiliation area The Fool, the Common Man and the Lover – these are the brand archetypes that strive for affiliation that goes hand in hand with pleasure. The Jester does not seek to solve the problem, because his main purpose of the journey is the journey itself. The outcome rarely matters to the Fool. He does not mention or plan for the future. Has the ability to think outside the box, which leads to innovative ideas.

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This means that Jester-type brand archetypes are masters at brainstorming, rethinking concepts, and bringing new perspectives to people and other brand archetypes. The jester promises entertainment. Customers of these types of brands find “traditional” advertisements boring, but they love anything unusual, strange and funny. Brand-Marketing Fools Hin Directory can be unconventional. Think, for example, of the Skittles ad, the giraffe and the rainbow. Brands in the Regular Guy archetype strive to be on the same level as consumers. They treat them as equals, expressing the qualities of unpretentiousness and humility. Recipients value the quality and reliability of their brand.

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