After Making a Cast Retrieve and Stop

Hunting in natural habitats is not easy; the chances of losing their prey are high and waste a lot of energy.

According to Mr. Katsutaka Imae, test angler for Evergreen explains that:

What predators like to attack are three things; panic action, injury action, and the action of fish that does not notice the presence of predators.

The slow-rolling of the lure will mimic the third one, which is a negligent fish.

He is an easy target for them. Predatory fish definitely won’t let go

lure retrieve method
This soft lure was retrieved using slow-rolling Latest Mailing Database techniques mimicking negligent fish. It won’t take long to produce fish.
What kind of lures is suitable?

Usually, lures like tailed frogs and minnow/crankbaits, which have a wide wobbling action (wide swimming action), are very killer in this way.

Soft plastic lures are also very effective with this method, especially for seabass and mangrove jacks.

Twitching & Jerking

Usually, jerk baits are used in this method.

Twitch and Jerk; Although these two methods look the same, there are slight differences between them. Let me outline the differences between these two techniques.

Twitch is a method where you make a cast and retrieve with the rod held horizontally, and you need to jerk the rod’s tip gently.

The goal is to give the lure a little bit of a flick and the movement of the rod is by using the wrist

Latest Mailing Database

It will give your hook an abnormal action, as if it were an injured HIN Directory prey fish, and trigger the fish’s instinct to grab the lure.

On the other hand, Jerk is a method where the movement is more violent and more vigorous. It will provide a more aggressive lure action.

The movement of the rod is more focused on using the arms and shoulders.

This aggressive movement will make a fish attack to defend their territory from trespassers (lure) or resemble badly injured fish.

Lures with a flat side will always provide an exciting darting action when styled with this twitch or jerking technique.

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