Rates Include Operating And Fulfillment Costs

FBL is short for Lazada. Lazada ELogistics consists of the following:

FBL Business Management System (BMS) system that can be accessed at seller’s center
12 main, satellite and large warehouses including a return center
Over 80+ logistics partners with technology integration in the Southeast Asian market
3,200 collection points (retail chains, locker providers, mom-pom stores)
Fulfillment center in all 6 Lazada marketplaces
It is the perfect solution for business owners who love the idea of ​​outsourcing fulfillment but are intimidated by the idea of ​​not having to manually manage their inventory.

FBL comes with a business management

interface where sellers can view whatsapp mobile number list their inventory movement in real-time.

You will also be provided with protection in the form of an insurance policy if you experience damage and loss from your product.

FBL benefits
Less time constraints in order fulfillment
Affordable prices
Real time inventory monitoring
The FBL team will be the one to update your product stock count
Open to all sellers
Easy registration process
Timely delivery guaranteed
Cancellation rate is reduced due to fast delivery
The FBL team will be the ones to process returns
Lack of FBL

Had to set some appointments to pick up stuff

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Additional fees for LazMall items sold (only in certain countries)
Strict inbound protocol
There may be delivery delays due to various courier schedules
You can check out our post of Fulfillment by Lazada: Lazada By Split Dragon Fulfillment Service Overview to know about FBL with exact details as well as how to avail this service.

What is SBS?
SBS stands for Service by Shopee. This HIN Directory allows Shopee sellers to offload fulfillment services to a designated Shopee team.

What services are included in this package? Lower cancellation rates due to prompt delivery of goods
The SBS team will process the return
Apart from the perks mentioned above, you also get exposure to advertisements on Shopee 24 which will definitely lead to higher traffic and sales.

SBS is also unique from other fulfillment services in the way it supports three business models namely: consignment, regular and direct.

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