Known for its support of animations and limited

Transparency. It uses a lossless compression algorithm and is well-suited for simple graphics and animations with few colors. GIFs are commonly used for icons, buttons, and simple banners due to their small file size and browser compatibility. However, for photographs or images with complex color gradients, GIF is not recommended due to its limited color support (256 colors).

SVG  Unlike raster-based formats like

JPEG, PNG, and GIF, SVG is a vector-based format. SVG graphics are defined using XML code, making them resolution-independent and scalable without loss of quality. SVGs are ideal for logos, icons, and graphics Ghost Mannequin Service that need to adapt to various screen sizes and resolutions. They offer excellent clarity on high-resolution displays and help improve the website’s accessibility and performance.

Photoshop Services

Additionally SVG files are lightweight

Leading to faster loading times.  Web is a relatively new image format  by Google, to provide a balance between image quality and file size. It uses both lossless and lossy HIN Directory compression, making it an efficient alternative to JPEG and PNG formats. Web offers superior image quality and smaller file sizes compared to JPEG for most photographs, and it supports transparency like PNG.

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