How Sbs Service By Shopee Works

Due to the evolution of the online store business, it is common for marketplaces to offer fulfillment services to help with seller needs. While we have FBL (Fulfillment by Lazada) and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), we also have SBS for Shopee. Learn more about SBS below.

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SBS stands for Service by Shopee. This is a service that allows sellers to offload the processing and sale of products to Shopee themselves. SBS applies to products owned by the seller as well as those owned by Shopee (This will become much clearer after the discussion on the SBS business model).

SBS programs include:

Apart from that, you will also enjoy exclusive benefits such as:

  • Free Shipping

The terms and conditions for free shipping may vary according to the Shopee market. For Shopee Indonesia, you can avail free shipping up to IDR 50,000 / checkout.

  • Express delivery 24 hours

The availability of this express delivery service may vary depending on the customer’s location. For your order to qualify, payment for the item must be verified by midnight. Otherwise, the goods will be sent the next day.

What are the 3 business models within SBS? 

Fulfillment services have database traditionally been concerned with a single business model where fulfillment services handle warehousing and fulfillment. Meanwhile, Shopee added two more business models in its fulfillment concept. The three business models for their SBS program are the consignment model, the direct model, and the regular model.

Consignment Model: You will remain the owner of your shares. Shopee will only manage your store.

Direct model: Shopee will buy your stock

Regular Model:  This is identical to FBL where Shopee will be the one operating the fulfillment and warehousing.

What Products Can I Sell At SBS


You can sell any product through SBS as long as it doesn’t violate Shopee policies. You can refer to the respective Shopee marketplace policies.

This product must also meet several additional criteria to qualify for SBS, namely:

  • Products must have competitive prices (compared to both internal and external sellers with Shopee)
  • In the last 30 days, you can sell HIN Directory products once a day without any promotionsProducts must have at least 10 reviews.

    Shopee will be responsible for your customer request function. Their agents will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

    • Product exposure through Shopee24

    Shopee24 is an express delivery service. The availability of the SBS program means that your product will be part of the Shopee24 promotion. An example is pasted below.

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