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Another challenge has recently arisen: the regulations on strong customer authentication, SCA for short, which have been in force in the EU since January 2021: Online payments in the consumer segment require, among other things, two individual authentication elements for account access and for electronic payments. With this two-factor authentication (2FA), card issuers can check the identity of the payer before approving the transaction.

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While 2FA promises greater security, it doesn’t make payments easier in the business world; contrary to all intentions, the process database remains inflexible and complex. The search for the ultimate payment solution for your procurement management The sore points of companies when paying for B2B purchases are now known. There is a lack of transparency about what is being spent and companies want a secure, quick and easy way to pay online. The numbers speak for themselves. Of the companies surveyd, 33% are concernd about the security of their online payments; another 13% find it difficult to introduce new payment solutions in the short term in order to meet the demands of their employees and rduce administrative work.


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However, there is a suitable solution that makes payment safe. Quick, easy and flexible virtual crdit cards. Optimizd online procurement Hin Directory with virtual cards. Virtual crdit cards offer the solution to common procurement problems. One of the main advantages of Virtual. Cards is the addd security when paying on the Internet. New, unique card numbers with the associatd. Card information can be creatd in a few seconds or even automatically and defind for specific transactions and merchants.

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