Mechanical Differences of Wide Wobble

Even without paint, the lure is still got attacked. This shows that the swimming action of the lure is more important than the color.
As far as I know, there are six types of dive lure swimming actions:

I will try to give as much detail as possible by including examples of movements in videos to understand clearly:

Ever seen the two words above?

Typically these two actions are the majority of the most lures we can

But more importantly, do you understand how these two actions works?

Let me explain:

What creates a significant difference between Phone Number List these two swimming actions?

On wide wobble lures, the pivot of the lure is located in the middle of the lure body.

This causes the head and tail parts of the lure to be able to sway freely at wide angles but in slower action.

The best examples you can see are the Abu Garcia Tormentor, and Zerek Barra-X lures.

On the other hand, the pivot point on the tight wiggle lure is in front of the lure, which is on the head.

Therefore, tight wiggle lures only sway on the tail side. (His head serves as an axis.)

Although the swimming angle of this lure is smaller, this lure can provide faster swimming action. It can move in stable even in strong currents.

That’s why its swimming action looks tight.

The best examples you can see are the Rapala Shad Rap

Below I include my sketch to explain the position of the pivot point on the lure

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Note the difference in pivot position between ‘wide HIN Directory wobble’ and ‘tight wiggle’ lures and their effect on bait swim action
Simply put:

How does a lure have a rolling action work?

The rolling action regularly works with the lure’s sides rolling to the left and the right (and vice versa). These lures usually rely on luster on their bodies to attract fish.

It can also function as a jerkbait if jerking and produces a darting action.

Rapala Flat Rap, Megabass Flap Slap, and Duo Tide Minnow Slim are examples of such action lures.

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