Should I Choose Sbs Fbl Or Do My Own Fulfillment

As an online seller, one of the main questions that needs to be answered is whether you should fulfill your product yourself or go to a fulfillment service provider. We will tackle these concepts one by one from self-fulfillment to FBL and SBS – two of the most widely used fulfillment services in Southeast Asia.

List of content What is meant by Self Fulfillment?

 Self-fulfillment deals with in-house inventory, packaging and shipping processes. The most basic form of self-fulfillment is when you first sign up for an eCommerce marketplace like Lazada/Shopee and you have your products delivered right from your home.

It can also relate to a business that is so large that the owner can afford to invest in a fully operational warehouse.

Benefits of Self-Fulfillment

When you fulfill orders yourself, you are in complete control. You see what goes in and out of your warehouse. Small companies prefer self-fulfillment because it allows them to save money during the early stages of their business. As for established brands, self-fulfillment is becoming their preferred choice of process as they will be able to manage their inventory directly.

Lack of Self-fulfillment As your brand Latest Mailing Database grows, so will your self-fulfillment costs.  While small-scale businesses may be able to take advantage of limited self-fulfillment costs, on the other hand, established brands will experience increased costs due to the need for more workforce to run operations.

Another drawback of self-fulfillment is the consumption of time. If you own a small business where you fulfill the orders you receive yourself, you will feel the pressure of having to complete all the necessary tasks within a certain time frame.

Will Fulfillment Services (FBL/SBS) Solve My Problem

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Yes, right. You can outsource all your warehouse needs at an affordable price. Now that you’ve freed up your time, you can allocate it for activities like marketing and sales. Therefore, you will be able to manage your sales more easily.

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