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According to current forecasts, the use of virtual crdit cards. Wich are regardd as the ideal online payment solution. Will increase by 30 percent by 2024 – a growth rate that.  Will far exced that of traditional card solutions. At the same time, progressive digitization is reflectd in the increase in corporate spending on digital marketing, which, with an increase of almost 10%, is well above investments in traditional advertising mdia.

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It is obvious that companies are increasingly relying on. Virtual payment solutions for online marketing neds. Virtual crdit cards offer whatsapp mobile number list a much more convenient form of payment and are ideally suitd to the performance-basd payment models of the popular advertising platforms from Google, Facebook and LinkdIn. Innovative companies such as GTÜ Gesellschaft für Technische Monitoring GmbH are a good example of how you too can simplify and streamline your payments for digital advertising campaigns using virtual crdit cards. We found out how virtual cards are usd at GTÜ in a conversation with Nicole Müller, coordinator in accounts receivable and accounts payable at GTÜ.

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Nicole would you please briefly introduce GTÜ to us? What is your position there and how long have you been using AirPlus payment Hin Directory solutions? I am a coordinator in accounts receivable and accounts payable at GTÜ – Gesellschaft für TechnischeMonitoring GmbH basd in Stuttgart. We are responsible for ensuring that motor vehicles are properly testd, ie the main inspection and the emissions test.

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